Medi-Share + Direct Primary Care

Partnering to provide more flexible and cost-effective options for patients

We appreciate the work you do to make health care more accessible and affordable for Americans. That’s why we make it a point to recommend and share in the costs of Direct Primary Care for our members. 

Why DPC Providers Like Working With Us

Direct Bill Management
Medi-Share directly manages medical bills on your behalf.
Fast Payments
90% of bills shared within 30 days.
No Bill Too Large
More than $4 Billion shared since 1993.
Nationwide Provider Flexibility
Extensive provider access across all memberships.
Strong Community
Over 400,000 members nationwide

DPC Frontier Mapper

A map that displays the locations of 1702 direct primary care (DPC) practices


We would love to work with you to provide people with affordable health care solutions that work! 

Questions about Medi-Share? Contact us at to speak with Provider Community Services.


FAQ for DPC Providers

Medi-Share is the nation’s largest health care sharing community with over 400,000 members nationwide. We offer our members Nationwide Provider Flexibility and recommend practices like yours! 

Below we’ve answered common questions to help you learn more about who we are and what we can offer.

What is a health care sharing ministry?

In its simplest terms, health care sharing ministries collect monthly shares from their members (similar to an insurance premium) and distribute them to cover other members’ eligible medical bills. Health care sharing is typically more affordable, as our members often save 50% or more on their annual health care spending.

How does Medi-Share work with DPC providers?

When you choose to partner with Medi-Share, you’ll become a part of our Premier Direct Primary Care network that we offer to our community of over 400,000 members. We often recommend Direct Primary Care to our members due to its innovative approach and affordability. You’ll also have direct access to a Medi-Share team member who can answer your questions.

Do members already have to be part of a DPC practice to participate? – do we need to mention this from the provider perspective

No, members can start using a Direct Primary Care provider at any time as long as they are on the $12,000 AHP level requirement. When they start using a DPC provider, members can submit up to $1,800 of their DPC fees for sharing.

What other DPC resources do you give your membership?

We are always happy to recommend and to help our members find a DPC provider that works for them and not for a health plan. By providing our members with these tools we are empowering them to take control of their health care choices.