Direct Primary Care


One of the major advantages to being a part of the Medi-Share family is that you have multiple options when it comes to accessing health care. Members on the $12K AHP can now choose from a network of Direct Primary Care providers in addition to the PPO network and 24/7 access to Telehealth.* 


What is Direct Primary Care?

Direct Primary Care is a fast-growing and innovative approach for a patient and/or family to join a Primary Care Practice. One of the greatest features of Direct Primary Care is the extreme affordability. For a reasonable monthly fee, there are many features to enjoy.

From a yearly physical and reasonable labs according to your specific DPC provider, medications that can be purchased at cost, and referrals to lower-cost labs, radiology services, and specialty physicians who charge fair fees, DPC is an ideal solution for Medi-Share Members (with a high AHP) who want to be good stewards of their finances. 



A father and son meeting with their doctor
A doctor shaking his patients hand

How Does DPC Work?

Members on the $12,000 AHP who use a Direct Primary Care provider can submit up to $1,800 of their DPC fees for sharing. If the Annual Household Portion (AHP) has not been met, the Direct Primary Care fees will be applied directly to the AHP. To learn more about Direct Primary Care or to search for a DPC provider in your area, visit



Can I use DPC on any other AHP level?

You are welcome to use a Direct Primary Care provider at any time; however, your DPC fees will only be Eligible for Sharing when participating at the $12,000 AHP Level.

Will my Annual Physical be Eligible for Sharing if I have a DPC Provider?

Members who utilize a DPC provider will typically receive their annual physicals, clinicals, and labs through their DPC physician; however, each doctor sets up their DPC practice differently. Be sure to check the website of the DPC practice near you to see exactly what is included in their monthly fees.

Do I have to already be part of a DPC Practice in order to participate?

You do not have to already be part of a DPC Practice in order to participate. The only requirement is that you have the $12,000 AHP.

What if I am interested in DPC but I am not on the $12,000 AHP?

If you want to find a physician who works solely for you and not a health plan, visit: These physicians are in no networks and provide good care at reasonable prices-- a great value for Medi-Share members at any AHP level.