Behavioral Health Counseling


One of the great advantages of being a Medi-Share member is that you have a say in what your program should look like through the member vote process. In May 2020, Members voted to maximize their membership in a few new ways, including having access to behavioral health counseling services by phone or video at no cost for members using Medi-Share's preferred provider.


All behavioral health consults are confidential and Medi-Share will not receive knowledge of the substance/subject matter of any consult. Visits may last up to 30 minutes. 


Please note: The behavioral health counselors who can speak with members at no additional cost cannot prescribe medication or long-term behavioral health conditions such as eating disorders, trauma, post-traumatic stress disorder, addiction, or other such chronic diagnosis. Members needing more intensive treatment should consult with their primary care provider at their own expense for recommendations or referrals for specialty treatment. Any treatment sought outside of these virtual consultations would not be eligible for sharing per the member-voted guidelines, Section IV.J. 


Member FAQS

Do I need to verify my account in order to schedule a visit with a counselor?

Yes, all members are required to verify their account by completing an initial registration process before requesting to speak with a counselor. This can be performed through the member center, mobile app, or by calling 877-603-2100 for needed assistance. Verification of the account must be initiated under the name and ID number of the head of household.

What is the process for speaking with a counselor?

Members requesting an appointment online must enter their Head of Household ID number in the “Member ID” field. Once a visit is scheduled, the counselor will call the member at the scheduled appointment time. If the scheduled appointment is for a video visit, members will need to login to the mobile app or website to begin the session.

Can multiple people participate on one call (i.e. Marriage or Family Counseling)?

Yes. This is a common occurrence in situations such as counseling with a married couple. Multiple family members from the same Medi-Share household may participate in a counseling session as long as one of the family members participating is a Medi-Share member.

Can members of the family request different counselors?

Yes, during the member’s initial call to schedule a visit, he/she will be asked a series of questions in order to best align the member to a counselor. Family members may request different counselors at any time.

Is there a suicide or high risk protocol that the counselor will implement if need to at the schedule or visit level?

Yes. The provider adheres to protocols in response to these types of situations. If you or someone you know is having suicidal thoughts, please call the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 800-273-8255.