With Medi-Share, There’s An Option For Every Budget

With Medi-Share, There’s An Option For Every Budget


When Medi-Share members want to tell the story of their experience with us, we listen. When they say they are blessed by being members of a health care sharing ministryand glad to no longer have to deal with insurance companies, we want to share their story. We invite you to listen to our members’ testimonies as to how they are blessed by our Christian community, our stand for only sharing in Eligible Medical Bills that reflect a Biblical lifestyle, and when they call for customer service – the representative offers to pray with them. Take a listen to these Medi-Share reviews and reimagine your health care.


Brandi Maige


Devastation fell over the Maige family after hearing Brandy's diagnosis was cancer. She shares in her Medi-Share review that the world stopped and her head spun with all of the things people think about when hearing the word cancer. Brandi's and her family received prayer, also their medical needs financially provided for. 


Cathrine Morris


After years of Medi-Share supporting her family through routine illnesses and injuries, Cathrine found herself with ovarian cancer. She credits Medi-Share with not only helping her navigate her treatment, but with offering authentic prayers with and for her. The members sharing in her mountain of medical bills was the cherry on top! Don’t miss out on her story. 

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How Does Medi-Share Work?

Medi-Share is a health care sharing ministry where members share each other’s medical bills and pray for each other’s medical challenges.

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With Medi-Share, there's an option for every budget. There are seven Annual Household Portions (AHP) options available, ranging from $3,000 to $12,000.