Information for Medi-Share Members about Medical Bill Processing

Update as of April 4, 2024. We will provide updates on this page as more information becomes available.

What You Need to Know as Members.


Change Healthcare, one of the vendors that Medi-Share uses for bill processing, recently experienced a cyber security issue. Learn More Here.

To protect user data, they immediately isolated and disconnected the impacted systems, but doing so interrupted our ability to facilitate payments to your providers on your behalf, and providers were unable to submit bills electronically or confirm your membership status. This “pause” in medical bill sharing is a result of the vendor’s system outage, and not a result of Medi-Share’s ability or inability to facilitate sharing of medical bills. Our members continue to faithfully share.

Update as of April 4, 2024, Medi-Share has fully resumed medical bill processing for electronically submitted (EDI) bills. Check payments have been distributed for all eligible bills aged 60 days or greater based on the date the medical bill was received.

Paper Provider bill submissions are still delayed; therefore, we are encouraging providers to submit electronically as much as possible. We are happy to report that paper submission and reimbursements from members directly to Medi-Share are not impacted.

What happened that is causing a delay in my bills being shared?

Change Healthcare, the vendor that Medi-Share uses for bill processing, experienced a cyber-attack on February 21, 2024. To protect user data, they immediately isolated and disconnected the impacted systems, but doing so halted their ability to serve thousands of insurers, as well as the members of Medi-Share. You can learn more about Change Healthcare and review their updates here.

What does CCM/Medi-Share use Change Healthcare to do?

Change Healthcare is a nationwide provider of services across the health system that makes clinical, administrative, and financial processes more efficient for payers, providers, and consumers.  

Change Healthcare is the vendor that CCM/Medi-Share uses for bill processing, provider verification, to remit payments on behalf of members to providers along with an Explanation of Payment, and produce the Explanation of Sharing statements for all member bills. 

Did the cyber-attack impact any CCM systems?

No. The cybersecurity issue is specific to Change Healthcare. 

What is the status of Change Healthcare? Is CCM/Medi-Share still using this company?

As of March 18, 2024, Change Healthcare’s medical claims software came back online. Reconnection with thousands of providers is in process but will likely take weeks. CCM/Medi-Share was able to resume bill processing on March 18, 2024. However, even though medical bills are being processed, a new vendor was selected for payment processing to expedite the return of operations on behalf of members.

If bill processing has resumed, why is it taking so long and when will my medical bills be shared?

At this time, bill processing has resumed, and a provider payment vendor has been selected to facilitate remittance of payment to providers on behalf of members, which should begin by April. However, it will take some time to get all bill sharing operations caught up considering the backlog that has occurred. 

What do I do if my provider sends me a late notice or bill due?

The issue with Change Healthcare impacted tens of thousands of providers throughout the country. Most, if not all, should be aware of the work stoppage and delays caused by Change Healthcare shutting down its systems. If a provider sends you a late notice or bill due, you can explain that your healthcare sharing program, Medi-Share, was impacted by the Change Healthcare issue and that sharing should resume by April. 

Why did CCM get a new vendor for provider payments?

Although bill processing functionality has resumed, Change Healthcare has not yet resumed provider payment functionality. Without a definitive timeline, CCM/Medi-Share decided to pursue an alternative vendor to ensure a return to full bill sharing capabilities as soon as possible. 

Special Instructions for Maryland Members:

Payments to providers typically come from Medi-Share on behalf of other members’ sharing dollars. However, Maryland members are responsible for paying providers directly. For complete instructions for those living in Maryland, visit this page. 

Checks will be distributed to you as soon as we are able to process them.

Special Instructions for Value Members:

Medi-Share Value members are responsible for paying providers directly. For more information, visit this page. 

Reimbursement checks will be distributed to you as soon as we are able to process them.