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You know that Jesus’ commandment for us to love our neighbor applies to more than just the family next door. Just as Medi-Share makes it possible for you to care and provide for your brothers and sisters in Christ, in a time of urgent need, so does a monthly membership with Care Circle.

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1 in 6 Children
Living in poverty

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4 million+ referrals
to Child Protective Services

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400,000+ children
Living in foster care

Create change NOW by joining Care Circle
Many of our neighbors are battling unseen struggles. As a Care Circle member, you can ensure the needs of vulnerable children are brought to light and vital connections reach them in their greatest moment of need through the revolutionary care-sharing platform, CarePortal.

Your gift, starting at just $15 a month, will activate and empower local churches, businesses, and community members to provide help in critical ways, all focused on ensuring kids are safe, supported, and loved.

How It Works

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Joining Care Circle is the simplest way to love your neighbor and help reverse our nation's foster care crisis. And as a member, you'll receive real-time notifications via text and/or email the instant your donation is used to connect a child to the care they need. You'll never have to wonder how your membership is making a positive impact.