12 Days of Christmas, from Medi-Share!

Dec 20, 2018

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Are you new to healthcare sharing and wondering, “How does this work, exactly?” Or maybe you’ve been a Medi-Share member for a few years, but still unsure what all your membership entails.


Have we got a song for you!




When you’re a Medi-Share member, you’re part of something so much more than just healthcare:


1.  A Nationwide Doctor Network

Medi-Share is part of one of the largest provider networks in the country. By using a PHCS provider, you can save yourself and your fellow members a great deal of money.


2.  Prayer Support

Not only do our members share the joy of praying for each other, our staff also prays for members on the phones, every Monday morning at 8:26 prayer, during our weekly chapel service, and many other times throughout each week. Our Medi-Share mobile app is an online platform that allows you to thank those who have shared with your needs, and pray for those whose needs you are sharing. Prayer is at the heart of our ministry!


3.  Two Billion Shared

Since 1993, our members have shared more than $2 billion of each other’s medical bills. Members have also experienced another $1 billion+ in discounts. Every single month, members share more than $50,000,000 in medical bills.


4.  Lab Testing Discounts

Did you know that as a Medi-Share member, you have access to significant savings on lab tests? Using one of the services you can find on the website can save you 20-70%!


5.  Telehealth

For absolutely NO COST, you can use telehealth for non-emergency care. From the convenience of your home—365 days a year, 24 hours a day—you can talk to a doctor by phone or video chat. Save yourself time and money by using telehealth.


6.  Health Incentive Savings

Our healthy members can save up to 20% on their monthly share amount. To qualify, both the head of household and spouse must meet the criteria for blood pressure, BMI, and waist measurement. Members can apply online from the Member Center.


7.  Dental & Vision Discounts

Our savings card saves members 20-60% on most dental procedures including routine care when they use preferred providers. You can even receive discounts on orthodontics. Discounts for vision care and products range from 5-30%.


8.  Prescription Savings

Medi-Share members show their member ID cards to receive discounts right from their pharmacy. We also have a number of other resources we offer members to help them get the best prices for their pharmaceutical needs.


9.  Maternity Sharing

Our members share in the cost of maternity, up to $125,000 per pregnancy event. Last year, more than $70 million was shared for births, with nearly 3,000 babies joining our Medi-Share family! We also share some of the expenses of up to two adoptions.


10.  All Across the Country

Moving to another state, or traveling for fun? Medi-Share goes with you! With a network of physicians across all 50 states, you never have to worry about your healthcare options across state lines.


11.  Cash for Telling Others

Our Refer-a-Friend program is a great way to earn extra money. Members who refer friends and family earn $100 for every family that joins as a result. In fact, through Dec. 31, we’re offering $200 per referral!


12.  Lots and Lots of Savings

Medi-Share members typically save about 50% in their healthcare costs. The average family shares around $400 per month. That really ads up, and helps them use their savings to further the kingdom.


So what do you love most about Medi-Share? Share in the comments!


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