With Medi-Share, There's An Option for Every Budget

With Medi-Share, There's An Option for Every Budget

66% of Americans stress over health care costs!

Medi-Share is an innovative health care solution for Christians looking to save money without sacrificing on quality. As the nation’s largest health care sharing community, Medi-Share members take comfort in knowing their eligible medical expenses will be shared by their community.



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Direct Bill Management
Medi-Share directly manages medical bills on your behalf. (No checks to mail to/receive from other members).



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Quick Share
90% of bills shared within

30 days

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No Bill Too Large
More than $4 Billion shared since 1993. (We never pro-rate sharing dollars.)

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Nationwide PPO Network
Choose from network of 900K providers for pre-negotiated discounts or visit the doctor of your choice.

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Patented MSE Technology
Technology designed to save you time and money when it comes to medical bill sharing. 

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One AHP Per Family

Save money and live without stress of meeting per
incident charges or individual insurance deductibles.

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100% of Eligible Bills Shared
Once AHP is met, no per

person or per incident charges that create cost uncertainty for your budget.

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98% Customer Satisfaction

Our members experience high quality service and care based on over 1M+ member surveys. Member loyalty score (NPS) is 2X the national industry average.

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Aligned With Your Values

Our members share medical expenses that support and honor biblical values.

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No Annual Caps, No Lifetime Limits, No Re-Qualification For Membership

100% of bill amounts are Eligible for Sharing (Maternity & Co-Share exception).

Free & Unlimited Extras with Medi-Share

Faith-Based Community check-mark-icon
24/7 Telehealth check-mark-icon
Unlimited TeleCounseling check-mark-icon
Dental Discounts check-mark-icon
Vision Discounts check-mark-icon
Prayer Support check-mark-icon
Encouragement check-mark-icon

See What Our Members Are Saying

"The best part of Medi-Share is that they're caring."

- Pastor Ariel, Husband and Father

"Medi-Share's an ally and you don't feel like that with traditional insurance."

- Catherine M., Business Owner

"Medi-Share is supportive, and wonderful, and amazing."

- Ocieanna F., Mother of 4

"Bills have been over a million dollars. And the members at Medi-Share have faithfully shared."

- Sandra E., Wife and Mother

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There's an option for every budget. The typical family saves 50% on their health care costs!